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From: "Ori Kowarsky" <orik@sprint.ca>
Subject: Re: (urth) mankind
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 23:41:42 

Alex David Groce wrote:

>But Ori, as I pointed out, I read BOTNS when I didn't know anything about
>Wolfe (other than, from having stumbled across "The Fifth Head of Cerberus"
>novella in an anthology, that he could write like nobody's business) and I
>to an interpretation that's pretty much what Wolfe & us conspirators claim
>the "official version."  Am I just naive?  Or did I come to BOTNS with a
>different metaphysics, and so reach what is the natural, textual
>for anyone of that metaphysics (and, apparently, some other people--I know
>several atheists who agree with my general view of what BOTNS is about,
>just think Wolfe's created world is a lot less like ours than I think it
>It's your claim that anyone reading BOTNS in an "unbiased" fashion will
come to
>see things your way that I disagree with so strongly.


I'm sorry that you disagree.  If TBOTNS is a successful exercise in theodicy
for you, why not just point out to me the place in the book where the
most powerful argument justifying the ways of God to man is made?  Then
everyone can simply judge for him/her self.


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