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From: "Daniel Fusch" <dfusch@hotmail.com>
Subject: RE: (urth) Black Hole Sun
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 22:13:58 PST


Jim said...

"Scylla and Arioch? Oh who cares. Let's face it - they just don't have the Q 
Rating the other two do. It was a bad career move on Arioch's part to leave 
Moorcock - he was a star there."

That's pretty funny. I suppose we could also say that Scylla should have 
stuck with the Odyssey!

I like the north/west/east/south hypothesis that's up in the air, by the 

"On the theory that black holes are drains into other universes and white 
holes are drains _from_ other universes, one could imagine some physical 
interaction whereby the white fountain adds more stuff than the black hole 
takes away. (At first I thought they might just "cancel out," but that 
wouldn't be enough because the sun needs rebuilding, not just an end to its 

This is how I've always pictured it, too. However, this does raise the 
question--if the White Fountain adds more than the black hole can take, then 
won't that build up, causing the New Sun to grow constantly brighter at a 
steadily increasing rate? That doesn't sound very hospitable! Hmmm...any 
thoughts on how this is supposed to work? (Physics isn't my strong point, I 

One final conjecture: when reading TBOTNS, I always received the impression 
that the giants/entities/whatever were immeasurably ancient (of course, all 
of Urth is immeasurably ancient). They had an "eternal" feel to them. 
Certainly, there is never any mention in the Book of how these entities 
arrived. Granted, at the moment, I have no textual evidence to give you, but 
here's a speculation: what if Abaia & Co. are presumed to be already living 
in the sea (or on Mt. Erebus, if that is taken as Erebus' physical throne) 
in our own age--simply inactive (because they are young, or because they are 
waiting, or for some other reason). Only a hypothesis--but perhaps an 
interesting one.

Well, that's all I have for now.


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