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From: shannon wilde <swilde_99@yahoo.com>
Subject: (urth) those baddies
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 00:45:39 

Uh yeah, and one might even say, that groovy as
Mooorcock made him, he (it, whatever) was pretty
rockin in classical J-C material, tho it surely needs
not be said-ijust figure Wolfe piles on those cultural
refs wheneverhe can, particularly if they overlap
oldie, pop, and po-mo. And wasn't Erebus a child of
Ge, mythologically speaking-please correct me, cuz at
3AM I don't have references at hand...but as to the
Scylla's minions thing, weel, now i think maybe OBW
muddies those waters a bit, maybe.Those of us w/o
inside poop or the stunning erudition so liberally
bestowed in this group, should perhaps be handling
this kind of thing. Oh, and yes, there_is_ some
pertinent stuff re Fomalhaut's mythos, and I'll _try_
to hunt it up, but i bet someone beats me out.
Kissies, all...Shannon 
"All their wars are merry, and all their song are
sad." G>
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