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From: "Greene, Carlton" <CGreene2@hunton.com>
Subject: (urth) Black Hole Sun
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 09:23:33 

I wrote:

> One last thought: Has anybody questioned why a White Fountain would stop a
> black hole?  One cannot (at least as we understand it now) "fill up" a
> hole by bringing another star (or quasar) into the picture.  So does this
> mean that the White Fountain is merely outshining the black hole while the
> hole slowly feeds off it?  Is the Messiah's salvation merely a temporary
> (albeit a long one)?  That seems very unsatisfying from an allegorical
> standpoint.  Perhaps the lesson is that Man is not truly redeemed, merely
> probation.

Rostrum wrote:

<<On the other hand, it doesn't make much sense to assume the white hole is
an eternal solution to entropy.  All the stars are gonna die eventually
(unless this is a gnab gib universe).  The white hole prevents the
premature end of the sun.>>

Certainly the White Fountain will not prevent the eventual fizzle or
re-crunch of the universe.  What disturbed me is the notion that the White
Fountain may not "root out" the worm gnawing at the heart of the Old Sun.
It just gives the worm more to gnaw on -- "chew all you want -- we'll make
more!"  From an allegorical standpoint, it takes away much of the punch of
the New Sun burning away the old corruption, etc.


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