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From: "Alice Turner" <akt@attglobal.net>
Subject: (urth) A52 "The God and His man" (ES)
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 04:26:44 

> Furthermore: A51 { aka "The God and His Man,"collected in ES)might have
some relevance to OBW; Zed, although just a
> sketch, seems rather like Blue (and the adventures that narrator has there
> are rather like those that Man has on Zed).  Plus, a special bonus for
> alga: direct applications to THE DEEP.

Huh? No, I can't quite buy the DEEP ref. Wolfe's tone here is facetious;
Crowley is not facetious, though he does have a kind of learning-obsessed
sophomoric irony--and I hope not to be probed for the difference.

But you are right, right on for the OBW ref. to "TGaHM." More than you yet
know <g>. More than I know! It seems a tired, sarcastic  late-night
meditation on the ridiculousness of having chosen this peculiar genre of
children's adventure fiction to transform into something worth reading,
thinking about in a serious way. But he persevered, didn't he? And we're

Bwt, I am bowing out of the FAQ or non-FAQ. Unless, perhaps, as happened on
the usenet FAQ that I happily collaborated on (alt.mythology), we assign
different areas to different people and let them do them as they think
right. That worked like a charm for us--we had different areas of expertise
or interest, and when there was an overlap we were civilized about
compromise--but (a) we were initially quite selective about who we asked to
collaborate (that wouldn't work here) and (b) the guy who organized was
organizational (awesomely) in a non-confrontational way.


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