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From: Inire <inire@yahoo.com>
Subject: RE: (urth) mantis's GURPS book: a review
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 00:14:58 

--- Jim Henley <jlhenley@erols.com> wrote:

> I got my copy. I'd caution people that any "errors"
> they find might
> (probably!) come from the publisher rather than the
> author. Just as a for
> instance, the first half of the pictures in the
> bestiary are mislabeled.
> But I hardly think it was mantis who confused a
> destrier with a balucither.
> <g>
> Absolutely worth having, particularly if one is a
> gamer. Even if, as in my
> case, one is a gamer who does not use GURPS.
I was just in Vegas doing a game-store-crawl/dredge
and nearly fell flat when I saw that New Sun was out.
But was I able to get one in SandyEggo where I had a
giftcert? NOOOOOO! Will I be able to find one in
Denver (these are the people that told me that they
were going to hold of until Feb to order it from the
catalog because 'SJGames is always late anyhow'! )?

I loathe being patient...;->

Jeff "My dice hate me!" Miller
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