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From: "Jim Henley" <jlhenley@erols.com>
Subject: RE: (urth) ST review
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 12:36:23 

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> Damien wrote:
> >At 10:51 AM 15/01/00 -0500, alga wrote:
> >>>From the NY Times, 1/16/00, Gerald Jonas column:
> >>
> >>    Gene Wolfe's reputation as one of modern science fictions
> most impotant
> >>writers rests largely on his series of novels about
> redemption, known by
> >>their collective title, "The Boo of the New Sun."
> >
> >No, that's his collection of ghost stories,
> And only with Wolfe would there be considerable argument about WHICH of
> his stories are, in fact, ghost stories, and who's haunting who.

Also, only Wolfe might actually go out and _write_ "The Boo of the New Sun"
if he got wind of this typo.


"All God's children got a little bit of soul
 but not that much . . . "
              -- Graham Parker, "Obsessed with Aretha"

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