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From: Michael Straight <straight@email.unc.edu>
Subject: (urth) Free Live Free
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 22:57:50 


I just read this book again, and once again enjoyed it.  I think it's one
of Wolfe's most fun books.

I was wondering if the Quadrumvirate's temptations can be mapped to the
seven deadly sins.  Candy's is obviously Gluttony and Barnes's is Lust,
but what about the other two?  Stubb and Serpentina might both be
Pride.  Or maybe Stubb is Pride and Serpentina is Covetousness, if you
think of her coveting power.  Interesting, for a group that is
down-on-their-luck, none of them seems particularly slothful.  Stubb is so
diligent and competent, I had a hard time believing he couldn't find a
good job, his height notwithstanding.

I counted four mentions of The Wizard of Oz - Two by Candy, and two that
actually mention the musical The Wiz.

The timeline at the end in my edition was a big help, but I'm still left
trying to puzzle out Whitten/Free's timeline from his own perspective.  
Can anyone fill in the stuff I haven't figured out?

Whitten joins the Army
May 1942 Whitten briefly disappears when his future self comes back early.
Aug 1942 Whitten goes to High Country and goes to the future 1952
 (preumably the 1952 Whitten disappears when this happens? Is this
 ever mentioned?)
Whitten returns to May 42, waits til Aug to make his report
Whitten makes a few more trips into the future
[is it at this point he goes back to 1803?]
1982 Whitten buys the Magic Carpet (has he been living all that time
 or did he jump to 1982?)
1983 Whitten disappears when Free appears, and reappears after Kip 
 kills Free.
1983 Whitten kidnaps the quadrumvirate
Whitten briefly disappears while the quad are talking to Free
 in the cockpit of High Country
Whitten reappears and uses Ben Free's device to "desert" 
 (is this where he goes to 1803?)
An older Whitten comes back to 1983 and talks to the quad. in the 
 cockpit of High Country (and then he goes where/when?)
Whitten reappars a few days earlier as Ben Free and lives with 
 the quad in his house until it is torn down.
Free disappears (goes somewhere in the device? Where/When?)
Free comes back a day later, and is killed by Kip.


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