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From: Patri10629@AOL.COM
Subject: (urth) Re:Maximum Delusion theory--Ziggurat
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 16:08:32 EST

Must agree with Alga and Nutria.

Swanwick's reading seems cockamamie to me.  I mean where do we point at the 
text and say: There! He's a totally untrustworthy narrator? See? Where do we 
see some evidence of self-delusion, true psychosis? Where do we see him as 
murderous? All the violence in the story is directed at himself. And in 
self-defense at the end. Where do we see him threatening, wishing harm or ill 
on the coyote, his son, his children, his wife? Cloning? Where do we get 
cloning? Sure there's an analogy between the 3 woman and the women in his 
life. But cloning?

The text does not suggest this to me after 4 readings.

This reading, as far as I can tell, demands that we deny 90% of what we're 
told happened in the story. 

Wish I could expand, but must go. It's a dreadful interpretation of what I 
take to be a story of reconciliation between the sexes not madness or incest.

But that's my take.

Rave on lupines!

Patrick O'leary

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