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From: =?iso-8859-1?q?Nicholas=20Gevers?= <vermoulian@yahoo.com>
Subject: (urth) Evil in The Ziggurat
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2000 13:18:15 

On Alex's last posting, two points:

1) Wolfe's view of the nature of an all-female society
is best reflected in his depiction of Trivigaunte in
LONG SUN: they haven't done away with men, but they've
enslaved them, and their pervasive militarization
indicates both how much they still resemble males and
the unnatural lengths they must go to to defend their
gender "utopia".

2) I don't maintain that Emery is evil. On the
contrary: he is perfectly capable of empathy and other
forms of goodness, like most other sinners. The road
to hell is proverbially paved with good intentions.
Emery's tragedy, like that of some other protagonists
in ST, is his failure to do good despite his high
degree of moral awareness.
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