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From: Jim Jordan <jbjordan@gnt.net>
Subject: Re: (urth) The ambiguous Ziggurat
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 10:28:37 

At 09:40 PM 2/10/00 -0800, Nicque wrote:

>I think the view of the traffic jam as purgatory is
>interesting; but Nutria, how does Aldo fit into this
>scheme? Could you elaborate?

	Hmmm. Good question. I was just bringing in a global view of Wolfe as
devout RC and the purgatory theme in *peace* along with what seems to be
the drift of the Sandman story. I need to re-read, and think about the
people who have "died" in the jam (which would mean they've moved on to
heaven), or who have disappeared. Isn't Aldo's love named Mary? That would
be a clew, too. No. It's Marta isn't it. Hmm. Double reference? Marta as
the train line into the city. What city. THE City? She's called just "Mar,"
which can be either Mary or Marta. Marta also as Martha, sister of another
Mary. (Gee, once you're on this track, where does it stop?)
	And the end of the first story? It sounds like revolt and revolution. But
maybe it points to the end of history, when purgatory will no longer exist.
Dunno. Gotta reread.

>On "The Ziggurat": I don't agree with you here,
>Nutria; I think Wolfe himself intended the Maximum
>Delusion theory to be prominent in people's minds: why
>else does he leave so many suggestions of delusion and

	Good question. I think I'll just have to leave the Zig for another day,
	BTW, if you have not mentioned the Integral Vance to this list, you
should. Wolfeans should love Vance; Wolfe does. Does Wolfe know about it? 



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