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From: Christy <cglst7+@pitt.edu>
Subject: (urth) Of Flagging Talent and Fairies
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 16:35:37 

Hello Urth list, I have a question for you:

I've just finished *Strange Travelers* with "The Ziggurat," and have been
generally dissatisfied with the content (does anyone else here feel the
same? I haven't picked that up), save for the adaptation of "Koschei the
Deathless." I feel the list is well-suited to answer the question-- what
is the deal with Andrew Lang's fairy books? Could you spell it out for
this hapless Yankee? I know there is a long, colorful series never to be
referenced by Borges-- are they good, one moreso than the next, order, is
there a big boxed set the likes of which I can pick up in the Qesque shelf
above all the regular pulpy fiction? I feel like not knowing about Lang is
like a hole in my life.


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