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From: Adam Stephanides <adamsteph@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: (urth) Re: Digest urth.v028.n198
Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 08:51:00 

alga wrote:

> Crowley is quite scrupulous with period
> details in -The Deep- (as I prove in my esssay on the same that so few
> of you [humiliatingly for me] wish to read).

The only reasons I didn't request it are that I don't have my copy of
THE DEEP with me and remember almost nothing about it, and I don't know
if my dinky laptop can even handle attachments.

> Yes, the Gladstone bag, which I (erroneously, but not, I feel,
> altogether erroneously) attributed to Mary Poppins in yet another of my
> underappreciated essays.

Not by me; once I finally saw it (I switched over from the digest to the
individual messages, and temporarily missed a few) I liked it a lot,
although the wrapping difficulty did make it hard to read.  I spotted a
couple allusions to children's literature in LB that your article didn't
mention, but I'm sure it wasn't intended to be exhaustive.  I'd love to
see an exhaustive list as a first step towards a set of annotations, but
I'm not sure this list is the proper place to collect material.

> >From mantis, alluding to yet another of my undervalued essays:

As I wrote in my reply to mantis, I never saw this one (on the tarot),
but I'd like to.


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