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From: akt@attglobal.net
Subject: (urth) C.S. Lewis
Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 02:08:19 

Vizcacha said:

> I refer again to C. S. Lewis's position, explicated somewhat in _Out
of the
> Silent Planet_ et seq., that space travel (or possibly only space
> colonization) and immortality are sins.  This is a thread not far
below the
> surface in much of _New Sun_ and even in other works by Wolfe.

And Rostrum replied:

> It's a fine point, but he didn't think space travel and immortality
> themselves sins, rather they are a bad idea because they would allow
> to grow beyond it's current bounds of time (a lifetime) and space

I would appreciate more on this. I've read these books (not for years,
true) without conciously picking up these points. And does Wolfe really
echo them? Typhon, who lives for centuries, is bad. But the Green Man,
Sev himself, everyone on the starship are not immortal, but are
long-lived. Tzad is probably immortal (but also supernatural).


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