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From: Nigel Price <NigelPrice1@compuserve.com>
Subject: (urth) Digest urth.v029.n035
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 19:14:23 

Hi Corncrake!

Did you hear the reading of "In the Heart of the Sea" on Radio 4 recently?
It was their "Book of the Week" about a month ago and was absolutely
excellent - really gripping. (I have a long drive to work each day - from
Minety, Wiltshire to Oxford - and get to listen to a lot of radio.) The
account of the Essex survivors' cannibalism was horrendous and terribly
moving. The captain had promised the cabin boy's mother that he would look
after her son on the voyage, but he ended up shooting him and eating him.
It's an extraordinary tale.

As to what happens to Severian at and immediately after his passage through
the gate of Nessus, well, you do gradually get bits and pieces of the
story, a detail here and there throughout the length of TCotC. I'm
rereading the whole thing very slowly as part of the research for my paper
for the symposium at the end of August. Will you be there?

Not the least extraordinary thing about TBotNS is that it really does get
better every time you read. Wish I understood it all, though!


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