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From: stilskin@sff.net
Subject: (urth) Gene Wolfe's Pants!
Date: 6 Aug 2000 05:33:46 

Or what holds them up, anyway.  It's been suggested to me that the rest of the list my enjoy the following:

Along the lines of writing as therapy, and my last post mentioning Gene Wolfe's preference to "stay down in the basement with the demons," on this same panel at Readercon, Wolfe startled his fellow panelists and those of us in the audience by suddenly announcing:  "Now I will take off my pants!"  But rather than channeling the spirit of Gardner Dozois, he was actually merely removing his belt buckle (Terminus Est!) to pass around for general perusal.  Engraved into the metal was language certifying the wearer to perform exorcisms.  As to the significance of such language appearing on a belt buckle, I'll leave that to the Freudians in the audience!


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