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From: akt@attglobal.net
Subject: (urth) Re: Digest urth.v029.n045
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 14:29:52 

> Speaking of Crowley and DAEMONOMANIA, would it be a good diea to start
> reading these now?  If they are like the volumes of the NEW SUN books,
> and suffer in isolation, I'd prefer to wait until he (finally)
> finishes the work--on the other hand, if the books are more like the
> individual parts of the SUN series (NEW, LONG and SHORT) and
> thematically related but not really "one big novel" I might as well
> jump in.

They are one big novel. They will have taken almost 25 years to write
when he is done, and you may wonder if they are worth it. Of course I'm
up to my eyebrows at the moment, so I sort of think they are, but I
would never urge this series on anyone who was not inclined in certain
ways. (I would never urge Wolfe on anyone either--we're a self-selected
group! Still, someone--I wonder who?--must have urged me or given me
SHADOW all those years ago---hmmmm). If you do decide to read them, you
will have to find the first two on one of the second-hand sites, though
I don't think that will be difficult--those are wonderful sites! If you
do embark, you may eventually need my interview, though I think AEGYPT,
the first book, is quite enjoyable reading on its own, and you don't
need the interview for that. Don't wait for the last book. Seriously.
It's not just that it's not written yet, it's also that it will be a
sort of coda, taking place nearly 25 years after the others.


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