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Wombat asked:

> Is Crowley still doing this? I had gotten the impression from some
> conversation that he wasn't writing films, but had retired to spend
> with his daughters (one of whom, I also seem to recall, has a
> health problem). Am I completely off-base?
> If so, has he done any documentaries more recent than _The Gate of
> Peace_? I've read the script to that one, and quite liked it. I've
> seen _The World of Tomorrow_, about the 1939-40 World's Fair, and it's
> staggeringly brilliant, and very, very Crowley.

Well, the night I did the "pre-interview" about six weeks ago, he was in
town to work (all day) on a documentary. Some of these go directly to
television, I gather, so you might not have heard of them. His wife,
Laura, is a documentary film-maker, and in fact gave me one of hers on
tape, "Fit," about the fitness industry. I haven't had a chance to watch
it yet. The one she is working on now involves persons with
disabilities. And yes, one of their 13-year-old twin daughters has spina
bifida and will never walk, except with leg-braces and crutches. She
gets around pretty well though, and certainly doesn't need a full-time
"retired" parent. Besides, during the school year, both girls are in
(different) schools.


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