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From: Michael Andre-Driussi <mantis@sirius.com>
Subject: (urth) PEACE: "facts" errata, addendum
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 11:12:21 

Roy, in his call for lemmings to follow us, wrote:
>YEH is mantis's shorthand for Year of the Egg Hunt; Golden Year refers to
>the year of the Gold Hunt with Lois, and of Den's dealings with the Gold

Technically speaking, I coined "Golden Year" for the supercluster "Den is
President/Den is 50 (golden anniversary)/Pete on Island, 1963+/Sherry is
16/Lois & Gold affair" back when I thought that all these things happened
within a 12 month period. A lightning transition from poor man to rich man:

Then we sliced the cojoined twins apart, and the "Sherry is 16/Lois & Gold
affair" became "Gold Hunt." (Because if Den doesn't get the "big payoff" of
becoming president, then the episode is more sad than a wild goose chase.)
The remaining bits didn't really get a nice name--maybe because they keep
floating around in the soup.

Not that it matters much (who cares what goes in my internal monologs? "Who
says they're internal--I'm shouting as I type!!")--then again, it does help
(or might help) to reiterate in capsule form the evolutions involved.

Roy also wrote:
>Den made his astral visit (AV) to Dr. Black to a time when he was 4. There
>he saw a "Liberty" magazine, which began publishing in 1920. (153)

He means it began publishing in 1924, which, if valid, dates Den's birth
year at 1920.

To trust or distrust that magazine?  Well, Doctor V is unreal enough that
we start to wonder: the TAT cards, that mirror thing (would a real general
practitioner have all this stuff on hand?).  And on the one visit to Dr. B,
when Den sees the magazine, he also sees a picture of a doctor examining
Margaret Lorn--we don't take =that= as being literal, but a dream fragment
. . . at least, that's how I see it: I imagine a Norman Rockwell sort of

So the doctor visits might be, in general, less accurate/realistic than any
other movements in the novel, even though at times they seem to be the
bedrock from which the others emerge as phantasies, eiderdown, swamp gas.


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