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From: "James Jordan" <jbjordan@gnt.net>
Subject: (urth) Some Day They'll Want Us
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 22:35:34 

. I know that many people
> find the last line of the first part very disturbing: I truly
> do not understand _why
> --Blattid

    Well, for me at least, this was the one thing that was crystal clear the
first time I read it. (So, that makes me suspicious!!!)
    But, FWIW, I think Wolfe intends us to link the line of clones with the
"antichrist," in contrast to David (note the name and its Biblical
associations), who is not a clone, and who therefore "makes progress." The
clones don't. They just repeat, generation after generation. They have no
true eschaton, because they reject heterogeneity. (A profound thought, I
    The live at a Whorehouse (standard Biblical/Christian symbol for a false
church) at 666 (!) Street of the Counterfeit.
    So, while the world/universe is not yet ready to receive the
"antichrist," someday it will be! That is what I took to be the intended
chilling ending.
    Also, I took it that "heterogeneity" is a major theme in the whole
tri-novella "novel." The tyrants, oppressive slavers, of No. 5's planet are
intent on conquering and wiping out the abos, instead of joining with them
in a new community. (Shades of what the Short Sun books seem to be about:
accepting the inhumi!) Meanwhile, to survive, the abos have to give up their
own ways and try to pass as human. All of this is culturally stifling and


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