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From: Michael Andre-Driussi <mantis@sirius.com>
Subject: (urth) PEACE EZ timeline, focus 1928
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 21:33:30 

Another nail in the coffin of "Den birth year = 1920" is the fact that YEAR
OF EGG HUNT = "height of China's warlord period" (which means after 1916
and before, oh, I don't know, say Chang Kai-shek's consolidation in 1926).
Since YEH = Den at 9 years of age, then this would make YEH = 1929, and
that is hard to see as being in the warlord period (in 1928 Chiang Kai-shek
captured Peiking, was elected President of China).

EZ has YEH = 1923, which is certainly within the range.

Now then, on to the promised year of 1928.

Roy and I are driving ourselves crazy, but I believe the mantra of EZ
should be "keep it easy; believe what the text says" <g>.  We keep shying
away from believing that Olivia may have died in the same year that Lou
Gold left Germany (1928), because this would mean that Den was only 13 to
14, and that seems too young for our usual range of 20 (based on GOLD HUNT
figures) or 25 (based on the Chinese Garden Dream).

1923 : YEH
1924 : Olivia marries Julius in Spring; Den is 10
1925 : Den living with the Smarts; Den is 11
1926 : Den living with the Smarts; Den is 12; sees Olivia in bath (180)
1927 : parents return from Europe; Den is 13
1928 : Olivia killed; Den is 13/14 when she dies
1929 : Den is in Tenth Grade
1930 : Den is in Eleventh Grade
1931 : Den is in Twelfth Grade; picnic with Margaret

Next problem would be placing the GOLD HUNT, but there doesn't seem to be
much problem, since Gold Thread (1928 + 25 = 1953) and bobbysoxer (1953),
and Philips farm (30 + 9 = 39 years old for Den) and Olivia's funeral (14 +
25 = 39 years old for Den) . . .

1953 : GOLD HUNT; Den is 39
1954 : poor man Den is 40 (Dr. V seeming range of Den's age 40 to 45)
1958 : earliest point for THREE VISITORS Den (44)
1959 : Den is 45 (Dr. V's range of 40 to 45)
1963 : Den is 49; Crazy Pete on Island; last point for THREE VISITORS
1964 : Den is 50; Dan French gives him the box

New tag: THREE VISITORS = the day when new president Den is visited by Bill
Batton, Eleanor and her elm, and Charles Turner the dogman (eek, shades of
"three kings": or is it more like "A Christmas Carol," where Batton =
Present, Elm = Future, and Dogman = Past?)

Well, Olivia's death seems to lock in!  Further angles down the timeline
need to be examined, of course.

Another triumph for EZ!


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