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From: "Dave Lebling" <dlebling@shore.net>
Subject: (urth) _Peace_: Another solid date
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 21:02:28 

Emil Ludwig's biography of Napoleon was published in 1926, and when Weer was
13 he had read it "a year or two ago".  So, if that means he was 11 or 12,
he could not possibly have been born before 1914.  (_Peace_, p. 2)

The biography was a best-seller in 1926 or 1927, so that is a very likely
time for Olivia (or Julius, if was in the library for a while) to have
purchased it.

Like most bright kids, Weer probably scavenged in the available bookshelves,
so we don't have a latest possible date for his birth, but this definitely
gives the earliest.

(Scavenged this from my posts in volume 10 of the list).

    -- Dave Lebling,
        aka Vizcacha

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