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From: Michael Andre-Driussi <mantis@sirius.com>
Subject: (urth) 5HC: A Story and A Journal
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 16:27:11 

=Timeline for "A Story"=
(13 years ago Eastwind and Sandwalker were born)

Day  1: Sandwalker sets out

Day  5: at noon he arrives at Thunder Always, has priest-given dream of

Day  7: while hunting a tick deer he meets the Shadow Children

Day  8: dream of mother being stalked by marshmen; at oasis he meets Seven
Girls Waiting and her infant daughter Mary Pink Butterflies (he later has
sex with SGW, probably his first time).

Day  9: dream of priest, showing him otter skull; dream of Flying Feet
killed by marshmen; Sandwalker jumps into river and swims downstream like

Day 10: Marshmen and Shadow Children.  Marshmen trappers, tables turned.

Day 11: Sandwalker captured, held five days.

Day 17: at dawn he is put into sandpit with hill people and Shadow Children.

Day 18: sacrifices; then Seven Girls Waiting and MPB are added to pit

Day 19: sacrifices are interrupted by Frenchmen landing; Eastwind and
Sandwalker kill Lastvoice, then when Sandwalker wants to kill Eastwind,
shadowchild Wolf bites Eastwind so that he loses his sense of self, but
then one Sandwalker kills the other anyway. (Yet Roy Trenchard says that
his ancestor high priest Eastwind met the French.)


Now then, for some time I've wondered how "A Story" might match up with
Marsch's journal like the teeth of a zipper.  And maybe I've just
reinvented the wheel:

  A  J
  1  April 6--first day out from Frenchman's Landing

  5  April 10--talking to V.R.T. about his future (priest/dream of Eastwind?)

 (6) April 11--kill big unlisted animal (tick deer/day 7?)

  7  April 12--V.R.T. washing after sex/ghoul-bear attack (SGW on day 8?)

  8  (no entry)

  9  (no entry)

 10  April 15--small tracks of might be children around kill (bingo)

 11  April 16--talking to V.R.T. regarding an anthro book he read*

(16) April 21--shot a prance pony as staking animal for tire-tiger

 17  "April 22" <gray area**: but "shooting the tire-tiger">

 18  "April 23" <gray area: but "cat bites hand causing bad penmanship">***

 19  "April 24" <gray area: but "eating the prance pony">

* Sandwalker talks of how he learned about the marshmen religion during
days 12-16

** grey area because now V.R.T. is writing as Marsch.

*** biting hand/arm in both threads

In this comparison, the animals seem to be hill people.  The ghoul-bear
might be his mother; the cat and the tire-tiger might be the same
girlfriend (SGW); the prance pony is Bloody Fingers and/or
Leaves-you-can-eat (although Flying Feet would be most appropriate for his
name--alas, he was killed on day 9).

Well anyway.


*More Wolfe info & archive of this list at http://www.urth.net/urth/

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