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From: "Dan'l Danehy-Oakes" <ddanehy@siebel.com>
Subject: (urth) Castleview Redux
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 10:55:23 

Okay... Having now reread CASTLEVIEW under somewhat better
circumstances (i.e., at home, not lacking massive quantities
of sleep, etc.), I'm still puzzled by the puzzlement. In 
some ways, this seems to be one of the most straightforward 
things GW has written -- an account of some mortals caught 
up in the affairs of Faerie, one of whom turns out to be
the brother of the Faerie Queen. Most of the "Huh? What's
going on here" sequences strike me as (in retrospect) 
glamours -- mortals facing faeries see a combination of what
they expect and what the faeries want them to see. The only 
major puzzles I think left by the book's ending are whether 
certain characters are mortal or fay.

So what's the problem here?

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