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From: Redhaven1@aol.com
Subject: (urth) Green children
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 20:55:54 EST

This is from my dad's copy of Reader's Digest's Mysteries of the Unexplained:

    Two children appeared from a cave near Banjos, Spain, in August 1887.  
Their skin was green, and their clothes were of an unfamiliar material.  They 
could not speak Spanish, and their eyes appeared Oriental.
    At first they would not eat, and the boy died, but the girl survived and 
learned enough Spanish to explain that they came from a sunless land, where 
one day a whirlwind had swept her and her companion away and deposited them 
in the cave.  Understandably, this did little to dispel the wonder 
surrounding her.  She died in 1892, her origins still unknown.  

The book sites the source as being Colin Wilson, Enigmas and Mysteries, p.131.

    There is also an illustration with the caption "The story of the green 
children found in Spain is remarkably similiar to that of two green children- 
a boy and a girl- who emerged from a cave in Woolpit, England, in the 11th 
century; the girl said they came from a sunless land."  But I haven't found 
any entry in the book that talks about this other appearance.  The whole 
thing sounds weird, but then again, that's what the book is about.  Hope 
maybe this helped.


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