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From: Peter Westlake <peter@harlequin.co.uk>
Subject: Re: (urth) Is Free Live Free worth it?
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 10:26:07 +0000

At 21:04 2001-01-30 EST, Redhaven1@aol.com wrote:
>I'm just starting Free Live Free and it seems darker and grittier than 
>anything by Wolfe I've read yet.  Actually, I'm not really enjoying it at 
>all.  I would just give Wolfe the benefit of the doubt (he's never let me 
>down yet) and read it trusting it will be better, but I'm coming to this list 
>for advice.  Maybe this book was his one dud.  What did you guys think of it? 
> Is Free Live Free worth it?  (i.e.  Does it get better?)

It does. It isn't dark at all, and enthusiasts of grittiness wave it aside.
You have probably passed the single instance of profanity in the entire book,
for instance. Stick with it, is my advice. And as well as thinking about the
Wizard of Oz, keep an eye open for anomalies. Odd things about the weather,
music, anything at all.

Spectacled Bear.

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