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From: dd@Adobe.COM (David DiGiacomo)
Subject: (urth) Re: Lune & Urth
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2001 08:01:45 

>Thinking further on the Urth-Lune relationship has led me to wonder if
>there is any evidence that Blue and Green from the Long/Short Sun books
>could actually be Urth and Lune, the Whorl having returned to its origin
>in Planet Of The Apes fashion? Either in the Ushas period, or possibly
>having arrived in some pre-Typhon era?

This has been discussed on the Whorl list.  It doesn't really hold up.
How could they travel to Urth if they were already there?  Also, the
gravity on Green seems similar to that of Blue.

>Has anyone found mention of how Lune was terraformed? Some giant,
>lunar-sized Bracelet of Air? It does seem odd that Lune remains green
>while the vegetation on Urth is dying.

What seems odd to me is that the Old Sun is so obviously dim and red, but
conditions on Urth are more or less normal.  I thought that even a change
in the Sun's output too small to notice by eye would lead to catastrophic
changes on Earth/Urth.

And while we're at it... is the White Fountain inside the Old Sun,
orbiting Urth, or just hanging around?

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