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From: "Alice Turner" <akt@attglobal.net>
Subject: (urth) Crowley's fourth book
Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 11:16:59 

From Wombat:

Alice almost certainly has more detailed information on this than I do,
at this year's ICFA, Crowley assured people that the fourth book was
coming, relatively soon (he strongly implied 2002). It will be shorter
the first three, and set in 2002 rather than the 1970s. So, yes, it will
unlike the first three in that way.

From alga:

Correct. The central figure will be a grown-up Sam. The "passage time"
that the first three books were concerned with will be over; history
will have resorted itself, Rosie and Spofford are wed, Pierce has a
new...oh, but I won't tell you about Pierce. Pierce, you will recall,
was about to be sent to Prague at the end of Book 3. Much of book 4 will
take place there (some of it, I presume, in memory, or maybe letters,
from Pierce's past) and, for the first time, we will hear from Fellowes
Kraft directly, also from Prague. Prague interests Crowley
metaphorically: it was such a bright, sophisticated city at various
times, including the Rennaissance, then frozen by the Nazis, then
Communism, then re-emerging in our own time as a hot spot yet again,
which would make it possible that Sam, too, would visit. Arguing against
that is the fact that I don't think JC himself has been there in recent

I have a curious mail problem, since last Thu. I can send, but can't
receive--it's being worked on. So, if anyone has sent a private message,
apologies, but I can't read it. I pasted in Wombat's above from the
archive (VERY slow loading, Ranjit!). This is why I'm not so involved in
the Pullman discussion; it's awkward to do this.


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