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From: Jeff Wilson <jwilson@io.com>
Subject: (urth) Re: Copperhead time
Date: Tue, 08 May 2001 13:48:45 

> From: "Roy C. Lackey" <rclackey@stic.net>

>     Anyone else notice the temporal problems within the story? 

>     "I'm sure you're right, Mr. President."
>     "I know I am. Fortunately we've got three years until the next
> election."
>     "Longer than that, Mr. President."
>     "Nearly three years until the next campaign." Although no one was
> watching, the new President made himself smile. Smiles showed in your voice.
> "That's what matters."
> *********************************
>     Now, the next election will be in the Autumn of 2004, only about 2 1/2
> years in the future, and campaigning begins long before the election, so the
> next presidential campaign will begin, at most, two years from the day the
> story takes place, and definitely not "longer" than the three years
> mentioned above. What's going on here?

	I haven't read the story, but it seems clear to me that an extension of
the president's current term is being implied. The Changer could be
suggesting that he can keep the president in power without need of

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