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From: "Roy C. Lackey" <rclackey@stic.net>
Subject: (urth) Re:PEACE, and timeline alert
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 13:25:23 

Adam quoted and wrote:

>mantis wrote:
>> 1954 . . .  you know what that means!  Timeline Alert!
>> <klaxon sounds>
>> "Breach in PEACE timeline at 1953."
>> We have a problem, since we place GOLD HUNT (preludes with Amanda Ros
>> at library) at 1953.  More research required: was ORA =first= published
>> 1954?  Is "Lusty Lawyer" a documented case of forgery in our world?
>Yes; and not only that, but DONALD DUDLEY was first published
>in 1954.  Of course, sometimes books which list a certain date of
>publication were actually published in the latter half of the previous
>which might give you an out (I can't find any indication in the text of
>whether the Gold hunt takes place in the spring or fall, and can't put my
>hands on your and Roy's timeline at the moment).

I presume you mean the timeline in Doug Eigsti's PEACE INDEXICON
( http://www.siriusfiction.com/ ). Actually, in the "EZ" timeline I posted
last Oct. 26, I had what mantis calls The Gold Hunt year pegged as happening
somewhere in a five-year range:

>>1954-1959 Time frame for the Lois/Gold affair. Den age 40-45. Sherry Gold
is 16. Lois is close to 35.<<

so I don't see the real Ros publishing dates as a big problem. It just never
occurred to me that she wasn't entirely a Wolfe invention. I would hate to
think of someone actually having to read her books, sifting them for clues
to the mysteries of PEACE; what I read online was more than enough! HELEN
was completed by her biographer, and not published until 1969, but there are
two Helens in it and a character named Doherty. You don't suppose Wolfe
actually read her stuff, do you?

mantis wrote:

>>Looking over the titles, with an eye toward PEACE (please don't forget
that the =only= occurance of the word "peace" in PEACE is in the Ros
forgery!), I will admit that I'm a little uneasy about "Delina," since A.D.
Weer's mom's name is Adelina, aka "Della."<<

I couldn't find out much about DONALD, but DELINA was apparently her magnum
opus, quite legit. IRENE and DELINA (1898) were her only novels published
(both privately) in her lifetime, so, technically, she *was* a 19th century
novelist, just not mid-century.


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