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From: Michael Andre-Driussi <mantis@siriusfiction.com>
Subject: (urth) Re: PEACE timeline alert 1953
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 15:55:25 

Roy wrote
>I presume you mean the timeline in Doug Eigsti's PEACE INDEXICON
>( http://www.siriusfiction.com/ ). Actually, in the "EZ" timeline I posted
>last Oct. 26, I had what mantis calls The Gold Hunt year pegged as happening
>somewhere in a five-year range:
>>>1954-1959 Time frame for the Lois/Gold affair. Den age 40-45. Sherry Gold
>is 16. Lois is close to 35.<<
>so I don't see the real Ros publishing dates as a big problem.

Right, I was talking about the one in PEACE INDEXICON.

I think we arrived at "1953" because

1) we had Olivia's death pegged at 1928 (kind of shocking in itself), which
happened 25 years ago

2) Gold left Germany in 1928, met his future wife in London 25 years ago
(1928+25 = 1953)

3) we wanted AD Weer to be around 40, for both the "poor at 40, rich at 50"
part as well as the Old Phillips farm "30 years ago" (30+9 years old = 39
years old).

4) the "bobbysoxer" tangle meant that, unless we wanted Lois to be putting
AD Weer down as an old fogy, we wanted them to meet sooner in the 50s
rather than later.

5) the visit with Dr. V, where AD Weer maybe appears to be 45, is when
Crazy Pete is on his island . . . which is from 1964 onwards.  (well,
that's messed up anyway!  No, wait--I forgot that 50+ year old rich
man/plump man Weer is the one who sets out to the Doctor's office)

6) the visit with Dr. V, where Weer sees Sherry Gold, we would like this to
come after the affair (perhaps only a few months after), and Weer seems to
be 40 at youngest (talking about his future stroke) . . . still possible, I
guess (Dr. V's office is practically a corridor of time)

7) I personally would like it to be prior to 1958, because that is the year
that LOLITA was published (and the affair with Sherry should prefigure
LOLITA, or so it seems to me).

On my own two-sheet A.D. Weer calculator (history and date on one sheet,
Weer's age and events on the other sheet), it is true that I listed 1953 as
the =earliest= possible date for GOLD HUNT (based on the coincidence of
"1928+25=1953" and "30+9=39" numbers [Weer is 39 in 1953], I suppose).

So okay!  The new range for my thinking with regard to the Gold Hunt is
1954 to 1957.  Seems easy enough to consider it at 1955, Weer aged 41 . . .
his "poor man/thin man" visit to Dr. V can be later the same year . . .


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