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Wasn't this going to be a young-adult novel?

Christopher CULVER <new_sun@hotmail.com>
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   >Good news, my brother and sister Lupophiles.
   >GW has finished the first draft of his next novel, The WIZARD KNIGHT, and is
   >now about 130 pages into the second draft. Because of its considerable
   >length, he's anticipating (or at least hoping) it'll be published in two
   >massive volumes.
   >Given the narrative complexity of SHORT SUN, I asked about WK's
   >point-of-view, and Wolfe responded: "The narrator recounts his experiences
   >in first, but switches to third to reconstruct events he did not witness."
   >So keep your fingers crossed, and who knows, depending on how long it takes
   >GW to finish drafts two and three, and then turnaround time on the
   >publishing end, perhaps we'll be seeing the new work sometime late next year
   >or early the following.
   >In the meantime, I'll be dreaming of Aelfrice and all the likely Wolfean
   >wonders soon to be found there.
   >Robert Borski

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