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From: Dan Parmenter <dan@lec.com>
Subject: (urth) Re: Digest urth.v030.n148
Date: 18 Jul 2001 11:07:30 

From: BraveSaintCroix@aol.com

>     Just to throw something out there: how many people here find their Gene 
> Wolfe at used book stores?  Fishing through shelves of tattered paperbacks in 
> cramped book stores is hobby of mine, but Gene Wolfe always seems scarce.  
> That's why I was so excited to find both Claw of the Conciliator and 
> Nightside the Long Sun at a store on vacation this past weekend.  I buy them 
> even though I own them in trade paperback form because, although I try to get 
> others to read Gene Wolfe, I hate lending out my Lupine tomes.  This way, I 
> have used doubles to let them borrow.  I'll admit though, that the covers on 
> some of them are downright embarrassing.

I found a copy of LAKE OF THE LONG SUN at an ANNIE'S, a seemingly
once-prominent chain of used bookstores that specializes in "genre"
fiction, especially romance.  I have the good fortune to have one of
the last ones (at least locally) literally across the street from my
house and so while I was scaring up used Whitley Strieber paperbacks I
scanned the rather small SF section and there was LAKE, which I
already owned but bought to give to a friend who was reading my copies
of the series.

My only real problem with my paperback NEW SUN books is how on all but
the first they crop Don Maitz's artwork to within an inch of its life.


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