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From: matthew.malthouse@guardian.co.uk
Subject: Re: (urth) Possible Delany comparisons
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 12:37:01 +0100

On 28/07/2001 05:00:25 urth wrote:
>In terms of "worked prose" and a highly nonchalant attitude to the future,
>Delany's "Stars In My Pockets like Grains Of Sand can compare to the Wolfean
>Long Sun and Short Sun series.  Does anyone know if Delany ever published his
>sequel to "Stars In My Pockets"?

Alas no.

Between the time when Delany planned the diptych and wrote Stars... and it was
published then getting on with the second the AIDS issue hit and Delany said
that his world was so changed by it that he could no longer write the second -
poor memory might not serve but I think it was to be entitled "The Slplendour of
Cities and their Dying" or something bery similar.

Since there has be romour that he started working on it again, but only romour:
I've heard nothing that could taken as reputable news.

It's a great shame as Stars is one of my favorite novels and every time I read
it I regret the lack of a completion.


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