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From: Adam Stephanides <adamsteph@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: (urth) New Wolfe in Dec. 2001 REALMS OF FANTASY (mild spoiler)
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 00:14:27 

on 10/11/01 10:09 PM, John Barach at jbarach@telusplanet.net wrote:

> Adam writes:
>> Wolfe has a story in the Dec. 2001 REALMS OF FANTASY entitled
>> "Queen."  It's a minor story, and only a little over two pages long,
>> but is of interest as his most specifically Catholic story (that I
>> know of).
> Are you counting "The Seraph from Its Sepulchre" in Andrew M. Greeley
> and Michael Cassutt's _Sacred Visions_ (Tor, 1991).

I read that story a long time ago, and don't remember it that well.  I
vaguely recall their being a priest in it; is that right?

In any case, "Queen" is Catholic in a different sense (unless there's
something else about "Seraph" that's Catholic).


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