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Subject: (urth) Return to URTH!
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 04:23:25 +0000 (GMT)
From: Ranjit Bhatnagar 

Dear Urth and Whorl list subscribers,

If this reaches you, then I have managed to bring the new
Urth list online at last.  Welcome!  The new Urth list
replaces both Urth and Whorl.  It will take me some time to
get the archives operational again, but eventually I will.
Watch the web site at http://www.urth.net/ for further

Now, please, continue where you left off a few weeks ago!

-- Ranjit

p.s. Here is your automated welcome message:

This email message gives you important information about using
this list - please save it for future reference.

There are two parts to this file: the first short part is on how 
to SEND MAIL to the list, the second is on how to send COMMANDS 
to the list.  If you lose this file then you can get the same 
information again by sending a HELP command to the list manager 
as is shown below.    


To send a message to all urth list members, write to urth@urth.net.
For example:

       From: Peter Rabbit 
         To: urth@urth.net

    I heard a rumor that Baldanders was Severian's nephew...


All of the following sections deal with how to send a command to 
the list.  You have already done this if you subscribed to the 
list yourself. 

Commands are written in the BODY of a normal email message. The 
email message is then sent to the list manager's special email 

Leaving the list (unsubscribing)

To stop receiving messages from the urth list you will 
need to send a message to the list manager.  For example:

       From: Peter Rabbit 
         To: urth-request@urth.net


If you are still getting messages after you have received a 
message saying you are no longer a member of this list, it could 
be that you are subscribed by a different email address.  
If so, write to Ranjit for assistance: ranjit@urth.net

Digests or individual messages

You may choose to receive the Urth list as a daily digest, or
to receive each individual message as soon as it is posted.
If you are a former subscriber to the old Urth and Whorl lists,
I have tried to respect your preference for digests or messages,
but if I got it wrong or if you change your mind you may tell
the list manager by sending the command

    digest true
    digest false

Holiday mode

When you go away on vacation, keep your mailbox from filling up
with Urth messages by sending this command:

    holiday true

When you return, send

    holiday false

and your subscription will continue.  The messages you missed
will be waiting for you on the web site.

Mailing list etiquette

To keep the uncomfortable mechanics of email discussions from 
overwhelming the actual conversation, please follow these guidelines
when participating in the Urth list:

Do not use HTML mail.  Many of us use mail programs that don't
understand HTML, and the mysterious codes just clutter up our
inboxes.  Most email programs have an option to turn off HTML.
For example, in Outlook Express, after choosing the Tools / Options 
menu you will find it under the Send tab.

Keep quotations brief.  When you are replying to another message
in the list, please include only the least portion of the original
message necessary to establish the context of your reply.  Your 
readers can always refer to the original in the archives or digests
to see the rest.  If you are a digest subscriber, be especially
careful that you do not accidentally quote an entire digest!

Avoid automatic messages.  If you are going on vacation and have a
program that automatically replies for you, please unsubscribe
from the Urth list or put it in holiday mode while you are away,
so that your vacation message doesn't get posted to the list.

Spoilers:  If you are discussing a plot point of a recently published
work of fiction-- say, one that is not yet out in paperback--
that may diminish someone else's enjoyment of the book if they
haven't yet read it, put a warning in the subject of your message
such as "Caution: spoilers for Return to the Whorl."

Most importantly, don't be afraid to dive into the fray!
Thanks for making Urth a lively conversation for nearly five years.

Ranjit Bhatnagar
To unsubscribe: send "unsubscribe" to ||list_request_address||
Questions or problems: write ranjit@moonmilk.com

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