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Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 07:37:28 -0800
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: Re: (urth)  "Hour of Trust"  and evolution

Hartshorn quoted and wrote:
>> Or is this, in fact, your larger point?  That my sticking point of the
>> story, my sense that it makes no sense for Clio to kamikaze when she is
>> worth more alive and in place--are you telling me that Clio is a leader
>> yes, she is ready, willing, and finally able to kill even one corporate
>> stooge with a suicide bomb?
>Basically, yes.
>But it is not the fact that she kills someone.  The real fight is a moral
>one, like all real fights.  It is the fight to build and maintain a winning
>I am speculating here, but I believe that the rebel kamikazis are not
>"pawns" but more like "saints" - epitomes of ideals that the best of
>revolutionaries follow as best they can.   If they were not utterly honest,
>and if their leaders were not utterly honest, the revolutionaries would fall

So the short form would be to say: "The signature phrase 'hour of trust'
applies equally to both the corporate and the rebel forces, not just the
corporate forces as one might believe after following the viewpoint


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