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From: "Andy Robertson" 
Subject: Re: (urth) mishima death cult
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 23:32:29 -0000

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From: "maa32" 

> Mantis wrote:
> What would Wolfe feel about this?  Wolfe can be transcendent, and death is
> most obvious apotheosis ... but destroying yourself would not seem to be a
> good manner of going about things ...

Wolfe would identify it as demonic, aand parabolically condemn it as such.

Specifically, the real-life Japanese kamikazi is an expression of a religion
which literally deifies a tribal leader - the Emperor.

Catholics regard this with horror.

See the mystical/Catholic poetry of Charles Williams, TALIESSIN THROUGH
LOGRES and THE REGION OF THE SUMMER STARS, for a powerful expression of this

Typhon is  **specifically**  this: a man who tries to raise himself to
divine stature and power, and demands *worship*, including suicidal worship.

Thus, all kamikazis die in the service of "Typhon"

Our disccussion of "Hour of trust" has used "kamikazi" in a slightly
different and kinder sense.  There, people die voulntarily as an expression
and agent of tribal war: but the blasphemy of the human-as-god demanding
this is not present.



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