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From: "Matthew Davis" 
Subject: Re: (urth) My Experiences Writing Hoaxes by Gene Wolfe
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 16:12:33 -0000

>Ah, so your sense is that it was a hoax?
> =mantis=

Found the original reference online here:
Look at the internal clues...

Most of the books he recommends are kosher but I have grave misgivings about
a couple. Jeff VanderMeer, from what I've read by him, seems a rather, oh,
um, ludic sort of a chap, not least given to writing reviews of imaginary
books as a means of sharpening the flacid moments. As the publisher behind
the Ministry of Whimsy Press he has a lot of practical experience to back up
this sort of chicanery.  Of course, it also he means he's probably in the
loop for finding out about such a book if it did genuinely exist. But I
spend all day chasing down people's often confused book requests and vague
wish lists so I'd like to think I know a hawk from a handsaw. Although in
this case I'd like nothing more than to be pleasantly surprised by and by.

If you feel like getting the word, VanderMeer's website is here, with
further details and email contact:


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