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From: "Tom Foster" 
Subject: (urth) An IGJ question
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 09:03:48 -0000

I've just finished reading IN GREEN'S JUNGLES and am puzzled by quite a few
things. One of the main things that I can't really get my head around is the
way in which Oreb appears when transported to Green or the Red Sun Whorl
through Incanto's strange 'magic'. Incanto describes him several times as a
"dwarfish man in feathers" and "a miniature airship" and he can apparently
use his wingtip feathers as fingers in these scenes, yet he can still fly.
Why does he look like this?  I think that I vaguely understand why the
inhuma become real people when transported through Incanto (though I'm not
sure I could put it into words), but I really don't understand this business
with Oreb.

Speaking of Oreb, what do people make of the point in the book when Incanto
says that he seriously considered sacrificing Oreb? Surely he couldn't
possibly think of doing this after all that the two/three of them have been
through together (I haven't read RTTW yet, so I'm not sure exactly when Oreb
is reuinted with Silk/Horn). Besides, Oreb's not *just* a night chough is
he? (Though once again I'm not sure I could accurately say exactly what he
is - a kind of oracle for the gods?)

Thanks in advance for any insights people can offer - I'm sure that when I
finish RTTW I'll have a lot more questions!



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