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Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 18:22:47 +0000
From: allanhlloyd 
Subject: (urth) Biblical connections

I will leave you guys to debate the deeper relevance of the Gospels to
the Short Sun books, but the talk of the Whorl doing a round trip and
coming back to Urth (Blue =Earth, Green = Moon etc.) brought an lovely
image of the Whorl as Noah's Ark, cruising around waiting for the waters
to subside. Lots of animals and humans stored in the hold, two by two is
hardly viable genetically! And Oreb as the Raven.

On the subject of Horn/Silk not eating, I wonder if  this is connected
to Horn's experience in the Pit. After the Pit, he found that his
eyesight had improved so that he saw the world in a completely different
way, he suddenly became a crack shot, and was able to find his way
through impenetrable jungle. I used to think that this was because
Krait  had taken his blood while he was unconscious and that the method
used to bring him back to life was for Horn to receive a transfusion
back from Krait. This made them "blood brothers" and meant that they
shared physical characteristics. (It would also explain why Krait
looked so much like Sinew who was bitten by an inhumi when a baby.) This
may help to explain why the experience was so shattering to Horn, and
why he said that after this "the best part of my life was over". Maybe
as the books go on he is continuing to share blood with Krait and Jahlee
and this affects his appetite for normal food.

(This is all from memory, as I haven't read the books for a while. I
intend to start a reread before long to see if I like them any better
after a break from all things Wolfeian.)



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