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Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 10:48:05 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) chapter 1 OBW

Hey guys.  Remember how my theory of "corn and maize genetics proove that Blue 
is Ushas?"  I just wanted you guys to read chapter 1 again with that whole 
plant genetic thing in mind.  I was blown away; how did I miss this the first 
two times through?

Horn talks about bringing Pas back, obviously what Remorah wants to do.  He  
talks about crossing two strains:
'"You get the best maize by crossing two strains.  Some crosses are better 
than others as you'd expect; but the best ones will yield a lot more than 
either of the original two, fight off blight, and need less water.... all 
those good qualities disappear in a year.  The crop after the first is liable 
to be worse than either of the strains you crossed, in fact, and it's always 
worse than the parent strain, the one from the crossing."
"I agree. The point that you're both gorgetting ... I'm not sure how I can 
explain.  We call this whorl Blue, and call our sun here the Short Sun."
"At home, we called the whorl our ancestors came from the Short Sun Whorl.  
Your mother will remember that, I'm sure, and I remember talking wit Patera 
Silk about all the wisdom and science that we left behind there."
Hide had been waiting for a chance. "I don't see what any of this has to do 
with maize."
"IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT.  I was about to say that when Pas stocked 
the landers it was on that earlier Short Sun Whorl.  He was a god there, you 
see, adn I think probably the greatest.  Since he was, he's capable of 
becoming a god here, too, although he asn't done it, OR AT LEAST HASN'T LET US 
No one contradicted me.'

HIde goes on to say "You jumped from Maize to the things you and mother had on 
the Whorl."

In true lupine fashion (remember the vision of Dante's Paradisio that Weer 
uses in Peace to describe how the world is in his head (one point that 
encompasses all points)), Wolfe has told us that the short sun whorl left 
behind has everything to do with crossing strains of maize, whose second 
generation strains are worthless because polyploidy can only thrive for one 
generation in plants. 
It's all right there in chapter 1.
Marc Aramini

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