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From: "Andy Robertson" 
Subject: Re: (urth) Mahes
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 11:20:31 -0000

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From: "Nicholas Gevers" 

> conclusion is shocking, very well executed. A
> question: does anyone know in what language "Mahes"
> might mean "golden lion"? And how it might pair with
> the Greek "Endymion"?

Yes, a fine story.

Mahes was one of the Egyptian gods


Other Names: similar to the Furies of Greek mythology being called "The
Kindly Ones," Mahes was rarely referred to by name and was instead referred
to as "The Lord of the Massacre." His name is also found spelled "Maahes."

Patron of: punishment of those who violate Maat, the universal order.

Appearance: a man with the head of a young lion, often shown carrying a

Description: Another feline deity, Mahes was the son of Bast and Ptah and
may be an Egyptian assimilation of the Nubian lion-god Apedemak. When Maat
was violated, the other gods would work to set it aright, but Mahes would be
sent to punish the one who had committed the transgression. Interestingly
enough, he encompassed his own opposite, and his name was invoked as a
protection for the innocent.

Worship: Cult center at Leontopolis, also worshipped alongside Bast at
Bubastis. The Greeks also worshipped him for a time, possibly aligning him
with the Furies.


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