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From: "Dan'l Danehy-Oakes" 
Subject: RE: (urth) For Jerry- a response
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 08:18:23 -0800

Chiming in - 

Marc, while I find a lot of attraction in your theory that 
Blue/Green is a much older Ushas/Lune (particularly the implicit
identity of the Mother and Scylla-on-Urth), it just isn't plausible 
for a largish variety of reasons. 

Probably the most significant of these, for me, is that if we take 
the more-or-less canonical set of assumptions about the voyage of 
the _Whorl_ (discussed in some detail in the archives by Mantis and 
others), the timelines are just too _neat_ to drop: but there are 
also the questions of Greenish gravity (despite the tower-climbing 
scene, I believe that lunar-type gravity would warrant some pretty
direct observation by a character coming from urth-type gravity),
of the apparent visibility of Urth's red sun in the Bluvian sky, of
the doubled body parts of Bluvian life forms*, etc., etc.

* but not Greenish life forms? I don't recall enough description
  of other Greenish beasties, but it seems pretty clear that the
  inhumi, at least, are four-limbed. Though ... h'mmm. Is it at
  any point stated clearly that the inhumi were equally successful
  at masquerading as Neighbors?

Anyway, Marc, I think most of your other hypotheses about tBotSS 
work just as well (or as poorly; I'm still sceptical-but-
interested, with the observation that there aren't very many 
overall models of this Book on display as yet) without trying to 
force identity of Blue with Urth, Green with Lune. And, in the end,
it _does_ feel forced: which is the problem. In general, when you 
have a "good" model of one of Wolfe's texts, it doesn't feel forced.



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