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From: "Joe Eull" 
Subject: (urth)  praise for ranjit-writing wolfe
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 00:32:09 -0500

Hello everyone. My last post was scattered. The green mankiller is only
there when he doesnt look. I wrote most of it as notes while the list was
down. A couple of things first:
Patrick O'Leary (who has a book coming out soon ) said of Ranjit:
"Good job man!"

I say it too.

And Marc
Wolfe recommended "Report on Probability A" to me,-
I've thought of writing Wolfe times, but I imagine he's an intelligent man
and to be honest I'd really hate to disappoint him in a letter. No doubt
that's ridiculous, he's so charitable to his characters, the main ones at
least. In my  estimate, they have an awareness of themselves that is
conventionally assumed to be lacking in most people. When I first read BNS,
I was 20 and could spare a lot of thought for what was for me a life
changing book. I have the same kind of fascination for SS, and often have
sudden, inspirational looks into the possibilities of the text, I just don't
know it well enough yet to cross reference events. I could create a map of
one of the books I suppose, it would probably point out some unseen
I started one, chapter 22 of igj. The mankiller reference is there, "The
Barbican and the bear tower" . I'll follow with the chapter in RttW where
he's on the table lands of green, and see what connections there are if

-----I agree with Nutria that the "natives'" approach to the aliens
pagan ritual, but I'd go further.  Ancient mystery cults promised those who
were initiated immortality after death---
I lost the thread here  - what story is this from?

> The sentence about the earth man stopping his
> beast and causing it to lie down on the desert sand for some reason made
> think it could be a camel in the past or a hovercar in the future.

It sounds very good.

Joe Owl


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