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Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 11:26:21 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) hybrids/ green mankiller/Sinew

It was very astutely noted by Rostrum (sorry if I got that wrong - a very long 
digest) that hybrids are the key, not plant genetics.  Of course, that is also 
what I am saying - hybridization between tree and man allows Blue to be Ushas.
 Horn's son cannot see the connection between where they are right now and 
hybridization, but Horn says it has everything to do with where they are now.

Also, thanks for the info on Crowley, Alga.

Joe, I have also pondered the green mankiller references.  He has two very 
long tusks - first I thought it was Babbie coming back, but now that I 
honestly believe Babbie is Horn, I don't know for sure ... but there is also 
that fascinating part in The Shadow of the Torturer I've never been able to 
get straight, where Severian is walking around in his dream and it seems like 
Triskele has become a big scary thing lurking in the basement that talks to 
him.  Could this have anything to do with Sev/Triskele, or should we look more 
explicitly within the Book of the Short Sun?  Also, remember that one of the 
last scenes involves Triskele and I really haven't been able to justify that 
scene in my mind, especially if you believe that Silk is mostly in control 
from the end of On Blue's Waters, with only the smallest fragment of Horn left 
inside him, and that Sev does not need to resurrect him.  I think the green 
mankiller is definitely worth looking up.

On another note, did anybody ever get the feeling that Horn hates Sinew so 
much because he was somehow responsible for killing Krait?  Remember Inclito's 
story about brother killing brother ... the death of Krait is still sketchy 
for me.  How was he wounded?  Even Horn's death (on green) is still odd.

Thanks for your responses, everybody.
Marc Aramini


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