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Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2002 15:16:29 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) government / weird science

This is a pretty interesting debate on rebellion and government in the 
Autarchy.  People seem to be getting a little heated about it now.  Just keep 
in mind that a "just" fascist system might not be so bad for some people. 
Instead of pulling people down to the lowest common denominator, it allows the 
rigid and stratified class identities that Wolfe loves so much to thrive and 
be enforced with impunity (as we've clearly seen in that Tolkien essay).  Then 
we have Malrubius' little lesson in which loyalty to the person of the supreme 
monarch is obviously based on love and devotion, whereas loyalty to the group 
leads to a loss of individuality and devalues love and respect - in Malrubius' 
presentation of the forms of government, you don't need to respect ANYONE if 
everyone is equal ... besides, all the best modernist poets were fascists.  
Of course, none of this has anything to do with MY politics.  I really 
probably shouldn't even send this.  Oh well.

Speaking of Lamarck, recent research has shown that some hormones in the 
mother's womb can affect the development of the brain in male children and 
increase their homosexual proclivities - and this hormone level alters 
depending upon how many children the mother has previously had, therefore her 
behavior directly affects expression in her children within one generation - 
and it affects phenotype: the pointer finger and ring finger of children 
affected by this increased hormone level will be approximately the same 
length, whereas those exposed to lower levels will have greater variation in 
finger length.  Pretty odd, huh?

Oh, for Rostrum: perhaps someday you will buy my tree hybridization and my 
blue/ushas theory - it doesn't matter to me, but the next time you read the 
entire text, pay attention to the trees.  They pop up EVERYWHERE, but they are 
easy to miss if you aren't watching our for them.

Marc Aramini


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