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Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 23:30:28 -0600
From: Jeff Wilson 
Subject: Re: (urth) lost in the big woods

>      From: 
>           "Joe Eull" 

> Regarding sex in the sun books:
> I think that Severian's description of his relationships with women has done
> a lot to cement Wolfe's reputation as sexist. The scene you're talking about
> is a particularly affecting one. Without re-reading, Severian seems to hate
> Jolenta for her relationship with Dorcas, and more importantly for the lust
> she engenders in him is a reflection of her desire to be desired. He says
> she made a tribadist of Dorcas, and nearly an algophilist of himself.
> (lesbian, ghoul-lover respectively). My girlfriend at the time stopped
> reading the book at this point and handed it back to me saying it was
> disgusting. I don't blame her, Severian is talking about killing her and
> raping her dead body for spite.

	"algophilist" is more what we call masochism. It sounds more like
Jolenta toyed with Severian, to see how much misery he would endure for
a chance to sleep with her than anything remotely like necrophilia.

Jeff Wilson
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