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From: "Joe Eull" 
Subject: (urth) great green mankiller
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 09:05:10 -0500

> "a huge friend with dripping jaws that spoke to me" (if I have it right
> after looking it up last night)--not so scary.  It's right after Severian
> meets Triskele.
> Where's the green mankiller?  (If looking it up is any trouble, don't
> bother.  I can take the trouble myself.)
> --
> Jerry Friedman

The great mankiller, who happens to be tusked and green, is mentioned by he
narrator in IGJ, Ch 22, pg 330 of the pb edition. Here's what he writes:

"A great man-killer stalks there two-legged like a man , green and quiet,
with fangs longer and thicker than a strong man's arm - but only for me and
only when I do not look for it."
This is in the marsh the Narrator and Hide encounter outside of Blanko.


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