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From: "Joe Eull" 
Subject: (urth)   urth@urth.net
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 23:18:20 -0500

Jst more questions

Who is that walking like a bird on the table lands of green? remember, this
is the trip where he's unassisted. Is it the two-legged mankiller that's
stalking the swamps for Horn when he's looking?

Did a neighbour" leave " the pen case at Smoothbone's old , burned store? is
it more than a pen case if it was left by a neighbour?

When he finds it, after speaking with his father smoothbone(rttw ), he says
it's on the steps of the old shop. At the beginning of obw he says he found
it in the ashes of the shop. I can't find the reference but I'm sure at
another point he says it may have been left for him there. It makes me
wonder if it isnt more than a pen case. The cup in the house barsat finds
(No trnstn)  may have some unknown quality also, like the glass on the
island (obw). He leaves the whorl soon after to write horn's book which is
the subject of the first sentence.
I think he's saying it would have been better if it were pink when he
describes the others they sold in there shop with paper. I think I know
where he's coming from there, I've trekked a little in ontario, where I
live. On my fourth or fifth night I have become so accustomed to the
blue/green pallette of the lakes and trees, the cover of a marquez
collection becomes extremely absorbing to look at. Horn's description of
Seawrack's hair is more significant, I think, in this light. Horn is
enchanted by its ever changing colour;  his god's epithet would be horny
horn, to be sure.
I don't mind "sick humour" discussion marc...are you there marc? spec'd
bear? when are we going to get some more borskian insight into the
relationship between the narrator, brother, sister, cousin?

So glad this list is back up


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